“Kung Catfight!”






Bella Ink comes to the MMW ring for a fight club match pitting style against style!  Bikini-clad Bella is a catfighter who has many wins under her belt and is confident that her style will overcome her opponents!  Alex is clad in her Gi, a black belt in Karate, Alex is VERY confident that some hair pulling catfighter is no match for her masterful skills.  The match begins and Bella takes immediate control, grabbing Alex by the hair and taking her to the mat.  After a brief scuffle Bella has Alex in a schoolgirl pin where she proceeds to strip the karate champ of her black belt!  It’s no looking good for Alex!  In an instant the top is gone, some more punishment and finally Bella gets Alexandria’s pants off, reducing Alex to a panty-clad jobber for the duration of the match!  Luckily, Bella is not close to finished and proceeds to dominate Alex from pillar to ring post, mocking the Karate fighters cheeky lace panties and laying an extra thick coat of embarrassment on top of the painful beating!  Vicious hair pulling, surfboard, crotch grabs and low blows, scissorholds, punches, kicks headlocks, butt drops, belly claws, breast mauls, rear naked chokes and more!  What a beatdown!  A final KO finisher ends the night for our “so-called” karate champion as her bra and panty clad body is reduced to a footstool for Bella’s victory pose!  Match, Bella Ink!




Length:  21:03

Size:  2.15 GB