“Scars & Stripes!” 9





Megan Jones and Kristen James travel to California to take on the team of Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law in this 9th installment of the ever-popular, MMW tag team, ‘Scars & Stripes’ series!  Alex and Athena enter confident, but today play jobber as they are no match for the relentless, fast-paced power of Megan and Kristen!  Tagging in and out, pulverizing both California gals with a barrage of pro-style punishment and dirty tactics!  Strikes, slams and submissions, the canvas is red hot as the ladies battle for that elusive W!  Vicious hair pulling, trash talk, scissorholds, bearhugs, boston crab, camel clutch belly punching, arm locks, chin locks, clotheslines, snap mares, pedigree, arm bars, guillotine, corner work, rope work and more!  So much tag team action!  In an instant, all 4 ladies are in the ring, but it is the team of Megan and Kristen that reign supreme, locking Alex and Athena side-by-side for a double sleeperhold that puts away the MILFs for the night!  A final double leg hook pin and victory pose award Megan and Kristen the day’s bragging rights!  Match, Megan Jones and Kristen James!




Length:  18:02

Size:  1.85 GB