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Great Custom Rates!
A Custom Wrestling Match is where YOU the client get the opportunity to book any of our talented Lady Wrestlers in your own custom scripted match. Let us make a character you created come to life!  You think it up, we bring it to life, tailored to your liking.  Keeping in contact right up to filming time, to make sure we get all the details right!  We want you to be as detailed as possible!

Modest Moms Wrestling Offers the Following:
Pro Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Catfighting, Belly Punching, Hair Pulling, Cage Matches, Oil Wrestling, Mud Wrestling, Beatdowns, Scissor Holds, FEMDOM, KO’s, POV’s, Tag Team Matches, Handicap Matches, and more!

We are a Pro Wrestling Customs company that will fulfill your Fantasy, but we do have limits!
Please note, due to script content, requirements or gear requests, some match types may have a higher starting rate!

*No Nude matches *

*No sexual content *

Please note that all talent has final approval and may not offer themselves for every match listed.  Though some girls do.  If you do not see your desired type of match listed, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, just email us and ask!

*We reserve 30 days to complete your custom, from the day of the shoot.*

Due to unforseen events, we may have to replace a wrestler for customs. We Will do our best to always have the exact match, but please understand that at times, out of no control of our own, a wrestler may need to be replaced.


 Our reputation speaks for itself.  As stated above, though seldomly, things do happen that prevent a certain model from being able to make the shoot.  Or, dates need to be rescheduled, (Insert unforseen circumstance here.)  Some companies produce cars, some companies produce food, etc.  We produce video content.  However events that can halt production are at times, and in every industry, inescapable.  With that being said, and now known,  We will ALWAYS make sure you receive a video of the script that was sent.  Whether we have to replace, or reschedule, your order will be fulfilled.  




5 Minute Custom $125
(Some Conditions Apply.)
10 Minute Custom $250.00
20 Minute + Email For Quote


Email For Quote

Tag Team /
4 Wrestlers

Email For Quote


10 Minute Custom $100
20 Minute Custom $200
(Some Conditions Apply.)

Cage Matches

Email For Quote

Oil Wrestling

Email For Quote

(For Oil Wrestling)
*We choose the attire unless you provide it.*

This is because attire used in oil wrestling is ruined after one use.