“Raw Sugar!” 4: Domination!





Alex is in the MMW ring inspecting the new cage. There is no filming happening today so Alex is lounging in her panties and a tank top. As Alex admires her new ring cage, Sugar enters with a crutch and a chain, locking the cage door behind her. Sugar is in the mood to beat down a jobber and Alex is in the wrong place at the wrong time! Sugar immediately begins torturing Alex with vicious low blows, (as she does most of this match!). Alex is knocked down and repeatedly kicked in the back and in the stomach. There is no defense mounted by Alex, as she suffers all of Sugar’s sadistic torment. Sugar batters Alex with low blow after low blow, VICIOUS scratching all over Alexandria’s exposed, bare skin. Face ripping fish hooks, agonizing camel clutches, vicious hair pulling and more, and more crippling low blows! Sugar is FAR from done. She continues with chokes, sleepers, belly punching, leg locks and toe locks, torturing Alexandria’s bare feet! A horrifying over the knee back breakers snaps Alex in half and she sobs inconsolably at the torment and pain being inflicted on her. She remains helpless as Sugar sends hard, deep, belly punches into her soft tummy as she lay sprawled over Sugar’s knee, still suffering in her back breaker!Sugar binds Alexandria’s hands behind her back with a chain, and continues scratching and slapping Alex all over her bare skin. A merciless hairpulling surfboard is applied while Alex is bound, snapping the jobbers back in two, as Alex frantically pleads for Sugar to stop. This is not the end. Sugar positions Alex bottoms up, and uses the crutch to again focus on low blows! Strike after strike, low blow after low blow, Alex is punished with a beating she will never forget. She is flipped on to her back where Sugar continues with more low blows, taking time to punish Alexandria’s belly as well. A final victory pose and Sugar walks away with her head held high! Still dominant over Alex, a trend that seems to never change!


Length: 11:32

Size: 1.19 GB