“Gold Hush!”





Goldie Blair finds herself in the wrong corner of the MMW ring when she locks up with Sugar for a 1 fall, wrestling bout. From the beginning, Sugar establishes her complete dominance over the squared circle veteran. Goldie resists but there is no question who the jobber is as Sugar mercilessly beats down Goldie with punches, kicks, belly punching, corner work, wedgies, back breakers, sleeper holds, nerve holds, camel clutches, hair pulling, head scissors, bear hugs, face claws, low blows, SoccerMom chokes, skull crushers, vicious bitch slaps that knock Goldie cross eyed, and MUCH more! A final leg hook put this one in the books as Goldie is forced to return home with licking sweet wounds that only Sugar can punish in to a bikini clad woman!


Length: 07:50

Size: 824 MB