Clutches: “Suffering Megan!”



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Another MMW “Clutches” clip!  This time we have America’s BEST Jobber!  But wait!  She’s not being tormented by an evil heel!?  No, instead, she is inflicting merciless punishment on none other than Megan Jones!  Megan is trapped, right in the center of the MMW ring, and it doesn’t look like Alex is letting her up any time soon!  In true MMW fashion, Alex starts with a camel clutch, and heads north, with a brutal fish hook, eye gouge, and hair pull!  Punishing and dominating the former Ring Diva!  Megan is stuck in Alexandria’s clutches, writhing in Alex’s control, looks of horror cover her face as Alexandria squashes her in her clutches! Sorry Megan, you messed with the wrong jobber today!


Length: 3 Minutes

Size: 411 MB