“Terra-Fied Lizzy!”





Its time for a pro style lady wrestling match! Blonde California Queen, Lizzy Hamilton is riding a two fight win streak, and hoping to stack up the W’s as she dons the leotard, and boots to lock up with the sexy, and ultra powerful, Terra Mizu! Despite her last two wins, Lizzy is still somewhat fresh from a year long layoff. Scoring two big KO victories over Megan Jones, Lizzy knows about all the hype surrounding Terra in the industry, and is convinced she deserves to fight the best, and can beat the best! Enter Terra Mizu, barefoot, sporting a yellow bikini, Terra flexes on her way to the ring as an act of intimidation. She climbs through the ropes and goes to her corner.  The two women have only a few moments to stretch, adjust their gear, and size one another up, before the bell rings to makes this bout official.
The fighters meet center ring and lockup, Lizzy with a slight size advantage, is immediately shocked and overcome by Terra’s clearly superior strength! Terra sends a HUGE knee into Lizzy’s soft belly, doubling the blonde over! Terra rushes Lizzy to the corner where she pummels the California Queen’s belly! Lizzy is sent face first to each turnbuckle before she finds herself back in the main corner.for another brutal belly beating! Lizzy falls to her knees where Terra delivers a series of shattering low blow soccer kicks in to Lizzy. The tone is set, and it is obvious to spectators that Lizzy does not belong in the ring with Terra. The brutalization continues with punches, kicks, chokes, and slams! Lizzy, a once confident contender, is now reduced to a whimpering, bruised, and humiliated jobber in Terra’s mighty grips! Back breakers, belly punching, hammer fist pedigrees, soccer mom strangles, and more! Lizzy is thrown out of the ring where Terra uses her face to buff out the ring posts! Slamming Lizzy’s face in to the ring posts and against the doors before throwing her limo body back in the ring for more punishment. Headlocks, Booty Headlock Hold, low blows, head scissors, rope work, corner work, turnbuckle curb stomps, canvas face slams, hair pull back breaker, and STILL, Terra is not finished! Lizzy is repeatedly ripped to her feet by the hair so Terra can continue her clinic of how to destroy a blonde jobber! A final sleeper hold puts the stamp on the lop sided beat down, and adds a BIG “LOSS” on Lizzy’s record asa she lay flat on her back, a bikini clad, victorious Terra Mizu using her as a foot stool as she flexes above Lizzy’s beaten body. Match, Terra Mizu!


Length: 12:01

Size: 1.24 GB