“No Ring for Tovas!”





Tova has some decent wins under her belt, and is ready to take on MMW’s toughest chick, Athena Law!  Athena feels disrespected that Tova believes a few wins over un-ranked competitors earns her a shot at a bruiser and former Champ such as herself.  The bell rings, the girls lock up an immediately Athena establishes dominance!  With an illegal strike to the throat, Tova is helpless for duration of the contest as Athena teaches her why she is the baddest chick in NorCal, pulverizing Tova with devastating strikes, slams and submission holds!  Hairpulling, scissorholds, rope work, corner work, stinkface, scissorholds, headlocks, leaps from the ropes, schoolgirl pin and more!  Watch Tova learn a stiff lesson in humility when Tova is put away with a final KO finisher, and victory pose!




Length:  09:13

Size:  959 MB