Alexandria Hamilton & Sugar take on Sarah Brooke & Platinum Fury in this high impact, intense, back-&-forth, tag team war!  Sarah and Platinum start off strong, attacking the champions before they can enter the ring.  Sarah and Platinum tag in-&-out, both taking their turns beating on each of the champions.  In an instant the tide turns and the champs are back on top.  Alex and Sugar spend the duration of the match destroying their thong clad opponents with a barrage of pro-style punishment, 2 vs 1 action, and old school dirty tactics!  From boston crabs to steel chairs, the war rages on, even spilling to the outside of the ring!  A final double attack lays out the weaker women for the pin and victory pose!  Match, and still champions, Alex & Sugar!




Length: 09:30

Size: 997 MB