“Harley Hamilton!” 4: Sister Scrap!





It’s Blonde Vs. Brunette, and Sister Vs. Sister as Lizzy Hamilton returns to the MMW ring to face Alexandria in a one fall, pro style, wrestling match! Lizzy seems very confident, despite and entire year off, the last thing on her mind is ring rust as she stretches in her corner, cocky, and talking major trash to her younger Sister Alexandria. The bell rings and the two women lock up! Alex takes the upper hand and works Lizzy into the corner where she delivers multiple face strikes and belly punches! Immediately Lizzy realizes she has bitten off more than she can chew as Alex spends the duration of the match completely squashing her older sister with tons of strikes, submissions, slams, and pro moves! Deep, hard belly punches, jaw smashing face strikes, vicious hair pulling, and stomps soften up Lizzy for the beating she is about to be fed. Alex continues dominating Lizzy with low blows, camel clutches, eye gouging, nose hooking, elbows, chokes, stunner, face buster, corner work, rope work, leg locks, bow and arrows, wedgies, sleeper holds, ankle locks, head scissors, arm bars, and more! Lizzy takes her beating like a good jobber with plenty of pleading, whining, crying, squealing and begging! Alex is having none.of Lizzy’s nonsense, and continues beating her down until a KO’s Lizzy lay sprawled out in perfect position for a sexy leg hook pin! As if Alex had not already humiliated Lizzy enough, and ruined what was suppose to be a triumphant return. Alex adds insult to injury by taking Lizzy’s ring entrance coat. Taunting her KO’d Sister and walking off with Lizzy’s attire! Match, Alexandria. Welcome back Lizzy!


Length: 09:37

Size: 980 MB