“SchoolGirl Pin Humiliation!” 2





Alex destroys Athena in this lop sided humiliation beat down! Athena caught in an upskirt beating when Alex ambushes her, pinning Athena down with a sexy school girl pin. Athena in UGG boots and a dress that isn’t exactly hiding her green panties! Athena bridges and arches her back, struggling in Alexandria’s school girl pin as Alex pins her wrists down. Alex continues the assault with more school girl pinning, straddling, hair pulling, belly sitting, and a brutal head scissor, putting Athena out in a cross eyed sexy KO! Alex wants to add real insult to injury, as she steals Athena’s boots, ripping them off her feet, letting her legs flop back to the canvas! A victorious Alex exits with a new pair of boots, as Athena lay KO’d and defeated!


Length: 06:21

Size: 667 MB