“Arizona Style!”






It’s the match we’ve all been waiting for.  Two juggernauts.  Irene Silver and Megan Jones agree to meet in California at the MMW Ring for a Pro Wrestling match, to see who the baddest chick in the industry is.  The two women make their entrances, the bell rings, they circle each other, lock-up and this match is on!  What a back-&-forth battle!  . . .At first!  The ladies battle back-&-forth with Mega taking early control and attacking Irene with a mix of pro-style maneuvers!  Irene seems to be on her way to a W, but in an instant she turns the table and all of the sudden Megan finds herself on the painful end of a stiff, Arizona style beatown!  Hair pulling, strikes, submissions, slams!  Slams that are painful to watch, but Megans jiggling boot soothes the pain a bit.  Corner work, rope work, camel clutch, boston crab, facebuster, snap mare, scissorholds, belly punches and more!  Megan is unable to match Irene’s skill and is reduced to a begging jobber as Irene continues to decimate her with low blows and a humiliating matchbook pin!  A final sleeperhold puts Megan on her back for the pin, awarding this contest to Irene Silver!




Length: 14:03

Size: 1 GB