“O Snap!” 5


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It is the 5th installment of the brutal, ‘O Snap’ series and today we have Harley Hamilto utterly pulverizing stars & stripes clad, Lizzy Hamilton!  The two start off  on the feet in an intense bare-knuckle war, and from there, the carnage begins!  Harley makes minced-meat out of the California Queen, beating the thicc blonde senseless on the feet and punishing her on the ground!  Vicious ground-&-pound with Harley holding Lizzy in place with a handful of her blonde hair.  Submissions, grappling and more!  A final neck snap ends the night for the California Queen, leaving Harley’s perfect, undefeated record in tact!  Match, Harley Hamilton!




Length: 15:23

Size: 2 GB