Hair Pulling! “On Your Feet!”


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The walk to the ring, the stare down, the lock up, the screams and wails, the moans and groans, the sound the ring makes when a body slams against it.  There are so many things that make a great match, and make wrestling exciting!  Including one woman constantly yanking her opponent to her feet by their hair.  Down! up by the hair.  Down, back to her feet by the hair.  Athena Law pays quick tribute to this often over looked, but essential part, to women’s wrestling.  Her victim, Alexandria Hamilton.  Athena, uses various moves to send Alex crashing to the mat, each time ripping her back to her feet by her hair.  Poor Alex can’t get a second to take a breath!  Headbutts, punches, stunners, etc.  Over and over Alex is effortlessly set down, but Athena doesn’t let her stay down long, as she again rips her to her feet for more!  A final pin and victory pose end this short exhibit of heel dominance.  You will love how the wrestlers suits sit nicely tucked in to their lovely bottoms, but more so, you will LOVE how Athena keeps yanking Alex up by her hair!


Length: 04:46

Size: 399 MB