It’s a yoga session, turned ass beating, when Alex shows up in full gear to find her opponent, Athena Law, dressed down, and doing yoga to prepare for their match. Alex pokes fun at the MMW boxing champion, telling her that yoga is no form of training. This proves to be a mistake, as a tranquil, peaceful Athena, beats the living holy hell out of a cocky, big mouth Alex! Using various yoga positions, Athena bends, and twists, poor Alex into various yoga poses, modifying them to be torturous wrestling maneuvers! Athena takes pleasure contorting her opponent in humiliating fashion. Alex lie trapped and locked in all of Athena’s bullying maneuver’s being reduced to a begging crying mess as Athena imposes her will on to her. A final KO shuts Alex up for good, as Athena drags her body to the center of the ring, and uses it as a yoga mat, to continue with the remainder of her meditation!


Length: 11:19

Size: 1.17 GB