“One Punch KO Power!”


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What a quick match!  Sugar just seriously did the unthinkable, DESTROYING MMW Boxing champion Athena Law in true humiliating fashion!  No woman has ever made such a pathetic bitch of Athena in the ring, Or made such a mess of her pretty face!  After a long, intense stare down, the two women square up in the middle of the ring.  Its Athena who strikes first, sending lightning quick combos in to Sugar’s face!  Connecting with laser precision!  Athena dances around Sugar, peppering her with strikes, doing what Athena Law does best, BOXING!  Athena becomes comfortable, and lights up Sugar again!   Athena knows she is going to have to wear out and soften up Sugar to get the W.  Athena keeps her feet moving and lands another head snapping combo on Sugar.  Athena is becoming a bit too cocky, mocking her larger opponent, telling her “You’re gonna have to be faster than that!”  Well Athena opened her mouth too soon, as Sugar throws a MASSIVE right hook, striking Athena, on-the-button, busting open Athena’s mouth and nose and making a complete mess of her gorgeous face!  In an instant, with but one punch, Athena goes crashing to the canvas, KO’d, glassy eyed, staring straight at the ceiling, face a mess, leaking all over the MMW canvas.  Sugar walks up to Athena’s KO’d body as the ref counts, saying “Hows that for fast?  Bitch!”  Sugar exits the ring proudly, while a humiliated and destroyed Athena, lie on the mat, unaware of her loss. Match, Sugar


Length: 2 Minutes

Size: 445 MB