“Heel Before Me!”





One of the HOTTEST squash matches online! Today its blonde heel, AWESOME! Laney Dawson VS. America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, in this classic jobber vs heel, blonde vs brunette, beat down of a squash match!  Laney confidently enters first, expressionless, clad in a tight black one piece leotard, accompanied by black knee pads and boots, clearly our heel has entered the ring!  Next, it’s America’s BEST Jobber, and MMW poster girl, Alexandria Hamilton, beaming ear to ear!  Her floral purple leotard, fitting snuggly in between her lovely round booty cheeks.  White knee pads, and white boots, she appears naïve and over confident, as she enters the ring to face her blonde antagonist!  Ladies and gentlemen, our jobber in is now in the ring! A must have for any squash match fan, As you witness from the opening bell, the complete beating of Alexandria Hamilton!  Laney wastes no time, attacking poor Alex as she stretches in her corner, sending her repeatedly face first into the turnbuckle, this is just the start, as Laney uses power moves, stretches, locks, chokes, and strikes, to completely outclass, out wrestle, dominate, and humiliate gorgeous Alexandria.  Making sure to use Alexandria’s hair as a jobber handle, ripping her to her feet repeatedly, Laney finds fun in locking Alex in agonizing holds that show off Alex’s assets very well.  Laney, stomps away and Alex, tossing her from corner to corner, snap mares, face busters, stunners, low blows, stomps, kicks, punches, hair pulling, wedgies, surfboards, hair bridge, camel clutch, sleeper, head scissors, rope work, corner work, gut punches, out of ring work, apron stomps, chokes, slams, and just plane squashing fill the match, as Laney uses Alexandria’s body as a practice dummy, beating her senseless from bell to bell.  Alex finally succumbs to Laney’s brutal assault, giving Laney a high profile win, sending a message  to the MMW roster, that there is a new, and AWESOME, player in town!


Length: 13:10

Size: 1.37 GB