“Cage Tag!”





Irene Silver and Paula Diamonds are on the hunt for the MMW Tag Team Titles!  The only problem is, they have to defeat Harley Hamilton and Sugar to get them, AND, in a CAGE nonetheless!  The Arizona girls shake off the stipulation and show up ready to go to war!  Before the challengers can even enter the cage, they are ambushed outside by Alex and Sugar!  Suge traps Paula in a bearhug, smashing her repeatedly into the steel mesh outside of the ring as Alex and Irene battle their way inside!  The fight is on before it begins!  So much back-&-forth action with each team giving-&-taking their licks!  Strikes, submissions, slams, and plenty of cage work!  1-on-1, 2-0n-1, and 2-on-2, neither team wants to take the L!  From pedigrees to elbow drops from the ropes, all 4 ladies have gold on the mind, but only one team can walk out with the straps!  Which team will end up as a pile under the superior team’s victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length:  07:32

Size:  778 MB