“The Winners Seat!”


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Such an old school concept. As if girls didn’t have a hard enough time getting along as it is. Pit a thick, round bottom brunette, against a thick, PAWG redhead. Whats more, slap tight leotards of their respective Nations on them. Oh these chicks are gonna fight alright! But what about stipulations? I mean, sure each is confident she will win, but how confident? Confident enough to concede the loss by allowing the other to sit on your face? Well ok! Both women agree the winner will take a seat on the losers face! And oh my goodness does she! The two start out even, but its not long before one gal, clearly gets the upper hand. Peppering her opponents face with stiff, head snapping combos! Rights! Lefts! Jab, hook, uppercut! This girl is getting her ass beat! The aggressor sends merciless belly punches into the jobber girls stomach! Sending her booty flying towards the MMW camera! Finally one woman goes down hard! Face first! Timmmbeeerr! The ring shakes and the loser is counted out. Its time for the winners victory dance….or, sit! As the winner takes a snug, secure seat, straight on the losers face! Game, set match! U.K. Vs. Canada! Cast your bets!


Length: 10:56

Size: 1.13 GB