“Athena Deluge!” 4







Here comes MMW’s most DANGEROUS heel on the MMW roster, and today, she sinks her claws into an unsuspecting, Ashlee Graham!  Poor Ashlee, such a beacon of sportsmanship, but her idea of a good sport swiftly fades when Athena teaches her that some ladies are just in it to be able to punish other women!  Athena has no plans on making this a clean bout, instead, she decimates and humiliates Ashlee, ripping her up by thick wods of her hair, over-&-over to deliver more punishment!  Guillotines, strikes, belly punches, corner work, rope work camel clutch, headlocks, sleeperholds, bonzai drop, low blows, matchbook pin, wedgies scissorholds and more!  Ashlee has no defense against the mighty Athena’s skills!  A final KO hold ends the night for Ms. Graham, awarding the W and victory pose to the one-&-only, Athena Law!




Length:  08:56

Size:  922 MB