“Battered Bella!”






Athena Law welcomes Bella Ink to MWW with a stiff pro-style beatdown that is sure to send the sexy Vegas girl back to the strip battered and bruised!  Both ladies in classic pro-style gear.  They make their entrances, the bell rings, they circle and lock-up and this match is on!  Athena wastes no time establishing her utter dominance over Bella, locking on a painful standing guillotine straight from the lock-up!  Stiff forearms across the back send Bella plummeting to the canvas, shaking the MMW Ring!  Athena is just getting started.   Vicious hair pulling, corner work, rope work, pedigree, snap mare, knees, stunner, belly punches, low blows, surfboard, bow and arrow, scissorholds and more!  A final sleeperholds puts Bella on her back for the leghook pin and 10-count, awarding Athena the W and victory pose!




Length:  12:09

Size:  1 GB