“Stinkface Champions!” 5





It’s here!  Finally, the 5th installment of the Ever-Popular MMW series, ‘Stinkface Champions!’  Many ladies have teamed up to be deemed the Stinkface Champions and today, Megan Jones and her sister, Kristen James don bikinis to challenge local girls Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law to a bikini Stinkface tag-team match to crown the day’s ‘Stinkface Champions!’  The ladies make their entrances where they proceed to trash-talk one another before circling and locking-up!  As is in all Stinkface Champion contests, you must defeat your opponents with Stinkfaces!  As many and as creative as can be and the sisters waste NO time establishing complete dominance over Alex and Athena!  Megan and Kristen take turns squashing Athena and Alex individually, soon the double-team action starts, adding insult to injury with humiliating facesits on top of stinkfaces!  Finally, all the ladies are in the ring, where Megan and Kristen finish off their weak opponents with a horrific stinkface sandwich!  Match, Megan Jones and her sister, Kristen James!  Good job Stinkface Champions!




Length:  14:06

Size:  1.44 GB