“Milf Boxing!” 2





Everyone loves milfs! how about then they slap on some cheeky booty shorts and agree to box each other?  Two Hot ladies, Glove up, as Alex takes on Athena in the boxing ring!  Alex clad in tight patriotic bottoms, fitting snuggly in who round bottom, Athena also dons the tiny shorts, camo!  The two women fight back and forth, both landing their shots, jabs! hooks! uppercuts! the punches are flying as these two hot ladies swing for the fences.  Eventually its Athena taking control of the ring.  At one point trapping Alex against the ropes, unleashing shot after shot into her ass!  Alex booty jiggles with each strike as Athena mocks her yelling “look, I’m beating your ass!”  Alex spends the rest of the match getting repeatedly punched in the face by an on point Athena, getting beaten senseless around the ring!  A final flurry sends Alex down for the final count, however Athena loses via dq when she sends and unsportsmanlike shot across Alex’s jaw as she attempts to climb to her feet. sending Alex crashing face first to the canvas, shaking the ring and Alexandria’s lovely round bottom!  Match, Athena Law!


Length: 08:39

Size: 894 MB