“Stop the Fight!”






Tsunami has made her presence well known in MMW.  Boasting wins over both Alexandria, & Lizzy Hamilton, as well as super heel Athena Law,  she feels, it’s time to glove up, and make her presence known in the boxing ring too!  Dynamite! Dana.  Oh Dana, Dana has been struggling as of late. Her tight leotards aren’t fairing well in the wrestling matches, being pummeled by Athena Law in “Bring me a Jobber!” Destroyed by Sugar in “POW! BITCH!” then BARELY squeaking out a victory against Alexandria Hamilton in “What was she pinking?”  However, when she slaps on the booty shorts, and gloves up, she has been holding her own, knocking out Alex in a boxing match, again KO’ing her in a bare knuckle match up “O snap!” and even getting a KO over Athena in the bare knuckle brawl, “O Snap! 2”.  Because of this, Dana feels confident enough, to volunteer to box Tsunami for her debut boxing match.  Oh, that poor woman.  Fight Day! Dana enters the ring in teal booty shorts, pink fishnets, boxing boots, and a black mesh top.  Her hair is up today, she’s got her lucky gold boxing gloves on, and definitely looks prepared to brawl!  Enter Tsunami, granite knuckles tucked in to red boxing gloves. Red boxing boots, blue leotard.  Tsunamis has her hair in a bun as well, STONE COLD, she climbs through the ropes, not the least bit intimidated by her thicker opponent.  After an intense, chest to chest stare down, it’s fight time!  The two women circle each other in the middle of the ring, sizing one another up.  Dana boasts a KO over the actual MMW boxing champion in a bare knuckle fight, so she is certain she can KO Tsunami too.  Dana wastes no time, striking first with a quick combo, connecting with Tsunami with each strike!  Tsunami is not impressed an eats each shot, keeping her feet moving  she answers right back with a lightning fast combo of her own, snapping Dana’s head around.  Dana felt the shots, but looks good, and the two exchange blows! We got a fight!  Right! Left! Jab Jab! The girls are swinging for the fences!  It’s not long before Dana begins to gas out.  Throwing sloppier, and slower punches, she repeatedly gets lit up with strikes at each attempt to engage with Tsunami.  Dana begins to realize she may have bit off more than she can chew, as Tsunami takes control of the fight, launching assault after assault at Dana, pummeling the gorgeous red heads face, and beating the fight out of her.  Dana knows Tsunami is the better boxer, but bless her heart, tries to stay on her feet, as her hands begin to fall and her breathing gets heavier!  Tsunami continues to pepper poor Dana’s face strike after strike, connecting square to the nose and jaw with laser precision.  Dana is out on her feet, being pummeled around the ring with big face and belly strikes! In the corners, against the ropes, Tsunami dominates her larger opponent in convincing form.  HUGE uppercuts send Dana air born, repeatedly as Tsunami has her trapped in the corner! Jab! Jab! Jab! Tsunami unleashes a jab fest!  Filling the ring with head snaps as Dana’s bright red but whips back and forth!  Tsunami walks Dana back, in to the corner with a flurry of steady jabs.  Dana is opened up, leaking from her nose and mouth, she is glassy eyed, mounting no defense as Tsunami continues to jab her punch silly head back, over and over.  The spectators realize Dana is literally out on her feet and begin to yell to stop the fight!  But Tsunami ignores them, determined to make a huge statement, and example out of poor Dana’s face, beating the red head mercilessly, jab after jab!  Athena, and Alexandria realize Tsunami has no intent on stopping as they rush the ring to get in between Tsunamis hands, and Dana’s leaking face.  Even when the girls get between the two fighter Tsunami continues to punch Dana in the face, finally smacking her right on the button, and Dana crumbles to the canvas, slapping the mat like a bag of hammers.  Alexandria turns her over and is horrified at what Tsunami did to her friends beautiful face.  Even Athena is a bit shocked at the beating Tsunami just gave to Dana.  Tsunami flexes for the camera over her KO’d opponent, and demands Athena “count that bitch out!”  Athena counts to 10 as Dana lay glassy eyes wide open, KO’d under her superior opponent.  Match, Tsunami.  MMW girls…look, the fuck, out!


Length: 05:43

Size: 536 MB