“You’re all Hype!”





Andrea Rosu is back in the MMW ring! Wearing a FABULOUS pair of gold booty shorts, she is ready to square up with Lizzy Hamilton! Lizzy, in her bootyful, tight, silver booty shorts, is fresh off two KO victories, and is looking to add Andrea to the list of ladies she has laid out center ring! The two meet center ring to touch gloves, and this match is underway! The ladies battle back and forth, with head snapping jabs, big hooks, hard, deep belly punches, and razor sharp combos! The red, and blonde hair is flying as the two women stand toe to toe exchanging blows! Both using the corners and ropes to trap their opponent, both scoring multiple knockdowns! The fight rages on and one girl begins to gas out as her opponent begins to take the upper hand! A final uppercut lays one of these sexy ladies out! Face up, and down for the 10! Which girl will leave the ring one step closer to MMW gold!?


Length: 11:18

Size: 1.16 GB