“Bested by the Blonde!”





Megan Jones and Lizzy Hamilton glove up, to once again, square up with each other, and throw hands! Blonde Lizzy scored a HUGE upset in her boxing debut, knocking out the talented Megan Jones! Megan is hardly one to take a loss lightly. Demanding an immediate rematch with the California Queen, Lizzy is quick to give Megan what she wants, confident that her skills will land her another “W”. The two women touch gloves and this match is underway! Both girls get their fair share of dominating moments, while also taking turns taking a serious beating! What a back and forth! Megan is not about to get laid out again by some blonde rookie! Each girls swinging for the fences, each fighter getting knocked down multiple times, but making it to their feet before the count of 10. The hair is flying and the heads are snapping as the ladies trade jabs, uppercuts, belly punches, and combos! The war wages on and a huge double knockdown rings both girls bells, and puts them both down on the canvas. The count is on, but only one girl makes it to their feet at 9, leaving the other face up, eye glazed, and down for the 10!


Length: 12:16

Size: 1.27 GB