“Wedgie Queen!” 6






The rules are simple.

1.  First team to submit their opponents 5 times via wedgie will be crowned the wedgie queens.

2.  The losers must raise the winners hands.

There are multiple types of “rounds”.  The ladies lock panties center ring with both hands.  The women lock panties with one hand and their opponent’s hair with the other.  The women meet at the ropes for a one handed, side-by-side battle.  Once the round starts it can be one by any type of wedgie, so long as the loser verbally submits.  In between rounds the women return to their corners where the loser of the round picks her wedgie.

Get ready for the wildest wedgie battle ever caught on camera as the team of Megan Jones and Kristen James don the full back panties to take on the local team of Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law to crown the industry’s REAL Wedgie Queens!  So much wedgie action!  The grimacing and tugging, the animosity and will to win, the stretching and pulling, so much panty pulling!  Which team will have their hands raised when the bell rings?  Download to find out!




Length: 15:41

Size: 1.63 GB