“Constance Suffering!” 2






As if her first beating was not humiliating enough, Constance has insisted on a rematch with former MMW Wrestling AND Boxing Champion, Athena Law.  What on earth was our sexy blonde Constance thinking?  Calling out the woman who showed the world what a true jobber she was.  Nonetheless, ladies both show up!  As expected, not much changed for our lovely Constance.  Straight from the lock-up, Athena establishes complete control and dominance!   Showcasing her superior strength, Athena spends the match utterly pummeling poor Constance into yet, another humiliating, lop-sided, KO loss!   Stunners, multiple pedigrees, stunner, skull crusher, headlocks, sleeperholds, matchbook pin, headlocks, camel clutch, so many devasting strikes and stomps to the face and body!  Corner work, rope work, belly punches, hair pulling, back breaker and more!  Contance has no answer for Athena’s superior skill, as a final KO finisher lays out our Midwest Jobber for the leg-hook pin, 3-count and victory pose!  Match, Athena Law.  Again.




Length:  09:18

Size:  969 MB