“Home Field Shutout!” 2






Ashlee Graham returns to the MMW Ring after a shocking and convincing victory over none-other than MMW SuperHeel, Sugar!  Ashlee has quite the chip on her shoulder after toppling such a tough opponent and believes her follow-up with Platinum Fury will be just as much of a dominating victory!  Platinum enters unimpressed with Ashlee’s last performance and plans on returning the favor by feeding the SoCal lightweight a painful, stiff, pro-style beatdown of her own, and BOY-O-BOY does she make good on her plans!  Ashlee is quickly caught off-guard by The California Muscle Barbie’s superior strength, locking Ashlee in a painful guillotine before dropping her to the canvas with a stiff forearm across the back!  It has begun, the duration of the contest see’s Platinum Fury utterly decimating sexy USA Bikini Clad Ashlee Graham, giving the poor SoCal jobber a taste of NorCal punishment!  Vicious, embarrassing hair pulling, scissorholds, stunner, low blows, face buster, pedigree, corner work, rope work, belly punches, camel clutch, boston crab, bow-&-hairrow, clotheslines, and more!  A KO finisher puts Ashlee on her back for the sexy leg-hook pin and 3-count, awarding Platinum the win and sending Ms. Graham back to L.A. bruised and humbled!




Length: 08:35

Size: 806 MB