“Weak Koven Belly!”


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Athena Law is one heck of an MMW Gatekeeper.  Koven has been making serious waves in the FemFight industry, and Athena is more than happy to test her in the Wrestling and Boxing Ring, but first, bikini clad Koven needs to make it out of the living room, as Athena tests the Vegas girl’s gut by beating the poor gal mercilessly in the MMW green room!  Koven is dragged in by her hair and set against the wall where Athena proceeds to feed her sexy belly a barrage of punishment!  Deep, penetrating punches, smash Koven against the wall as she “oof’s” and grunts her way through the merciless torment!  Athena drags her to the center of the room, lifting the helpless Koven and making her sexy booty jiggle with each, penetrating strike!  Back to the wall, the center-room, then the couch, where Koven is spread out and finished off with a final onslaught of pure gut punishment!



Length:  10:09

Size:  1.04 GB