“Weak Faith Belly!”


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Faith Shalynn is back at MMW, however, today she does not quite make it to the ring!  Faith is dragged indoors, wearing only her sexy top and chain thong bikini bottoms, where she is fed a vicious belly beatdown by CEO, Alexandria Hamilton!  Deep, penetrating belly punches sink deep into sexy Faith, her eyes are wide, and her cheeks are puffed as Alex launches devastating blow-after-devastating blow!  Against the wall, middle of the room, or spread out on the couch, Alex punishes Faith mercilessly in front of two spectators who could care less about the mayhem unfolding in front of them!  The ladies sit and sip on their drinks as Alex makes Faith’s booty pop and her eyes cross!  How much punishment can one woman take?  Download to find out!




Length:  08:27

Size:  885 MB