“Jab the Jobber!”






Fan of Jabs?  Fan of Hooks? Fan of hair flying, head snaps?  What about hot women boxing each other in shiny, tight, bikinis and booty shorts?  What if I told you these two ladies in their sexy attire, beating each others asses, are none other than the gorgeous Amazon Alexandria Hamilton, (America’s BEST Jobber!) and the stunning, jaw dropping blonde, and female combat phenom Megan Jones?  This is not a fantasy, they really gloved up to square up, and what a fight!  Filled with over 100 face shattering strikes!  Dozens and Dozens of jabs exchanged between the two beauties!  A true masterpiece, and battle of the Amazons!  An instant Blonde Vs. Brunette classic!  Both women get their licks, both women take their beatings, both women go down, both women look stunning in their attire, both women swing for the fences!  Both women give it their all, but only one woman leaves victorious!  Which woman will reign superior? And which will suffer a humiliating final, ass in the air, KO?


Length: 21:10

Size: 1.5o GB