“PAWG Boxing!”





We’ve got 2 HOT ladies, ready to square up and duke it out in the MMW Boxing Ring!  We have to confident women, tho they are both coming of thorough beatings from MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law.  Neither lady is looking back, only across the ring to the opposite corner!  Alex enters in her trademark American flag gloves, he V cut tight leotard riding up snuggly in to her lovely round bottom.  She stare across the ring at Dynamite! Dana, hair down, tight booty shorts hugging the curves of her full figured rear end.  After a long intense stare down. the two square up in the middle of the ring.  This is a tough back and forth!  both ladies throwing flurries of combos, both having their head snapped back, and forth, side to side, and they slug away at each others gorgeous faces!  Dana opens up Alex, causing her nose and mouth to leak, but Alex rallies back, as the two women warriors exchange bows around the ring, both fighting for another shot at the woman who beat them sill in this very ring.  Dana eventually pulls ahead as Alex begins to gas out, her hands dropping and her heavy breathing signal to Dana that she is getting the best of America’s BEST Jobber!  Alex’s assaults turn to retreats, as Dana pulls ahead, beating Alex from rope to rope, slugging away at the beauties face!  Jab! Hook!  Dana lights up Alex, cornering her over and over dominating the inferior woman, outclassing her at every exchange.  Dana proves to be too much for Alex, as a BIG right hook, sends Alex crashing to the mat like a bag of hammers!  Not concerned with the 10 count, Dana has only one thing on her mind, Athena Law, and she is going to send the champ a message.  As Alex slowly rises to her hands and knees, Dana sends a HUGE right cross, across Alex’s jaw, flattening Alex, her body slaps against the canvas causing the ring to shake in unison with Alexandria’s lovely booty cheeks!  Match, Dynamite! Dana.  Maybe Alex should stick to wrestling, and leave the boxing to the real brawlers!


Length: 05:58

Size: 619 MB