“Ultimo Jobber!”






America’s BEST Jobber is back and in FULL Jobber mode as she succumbs, yet again, to former MMW champ, and well-known ‘bad girl’, Athena Law!  Athena LOVES using Alex as a little ragdoll, and especially loves when Alexandria wears shiny panties.  They look so nice catching a glare off the MMW lights when Athena makes her phat butt twitch in all the sadistic holds she loves locking Alex in.  Plenty of ragdoll domination as Athena humiliates and punishes Alex with a barrage of punishing submissions, strikes and smothers!  Plenty of twitching as Alex is repeatedly KO’d at the hands of Athena.  Throat chops, hand smothers, mandible claws, reverse headscissors face kick, foot smother, figure-4 headscissor and more!  Alexandria is completely decimated from the opening bell to the final KO and victory pose, which see’s Athena draping an American Flag over Alexandria’s battered and defeated, twitching body in the ultimate show of disrespect.  Love watching Alex being destroyed?  Here is an INSTANT classic!




Length: 18:39


Size: 1.93 GB