“Wedgie Queen!”






The rules are simple.


1.  First woman to submit her opponent 5 times via wedgie will be crowned the wedgie queen.

2.  The loser must raise the winner’s hand.


There are multiple types of “rounds”.  The ladies lock panties center ring with both hands.  The women lock panties with one hand and their opponent’s hair with the other.  The women meet at the ropes for a one handed, side-by-side battle.  Once the round starts it can be one by any type of wedgie, so long as the loser verbally submits.  In between rounds the women return to their corners where the loser of the round picks her wedgie.


Today we have a double feature.  Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law are slated to square off in a Wedgie Queen battle.  Alex is clad in a powder pink bra with matching full back cotton panties.  She is wearing the tightest of leggings and her sexy phat jobber ass is poppin’!  Total wedgie bait for her opponent, Athena Law.  Clad in sexy, hot pink, spandex leggings this with lovely black, full back, cotton panties underneath with a matching bra to boot!  The two women make their entrances and have an intense staredown.  They get in wedgie position, lock on to one another’s panties, the bell dings and this wedgie tournament in on!  The two women pull and tug at each other’s panties.  Alexandria’s teeth grit in pain as Athena grits her teeth with cruel intent.  Alex and take the pain anymore and submits to Athena.  The score is 1-0.

The duration of the 1st contest see’s Athena utterly dominating her thicker opponent, scoring a 4-0 sweep and humiliating the MMW CEO.  Alex is pantsed and wedgied, as well as low blowed and paraded around the ring by her wedgie and humiliated with ego crippling front wedgies.  Athena dominates America’s BEST Jobber in convincing fashion.  Alex is reduced to picking her wedgie in between each round as Athena mocks and laughs at her.  After her loss Alexandria raises the victorious Athena’s hand and the two women exit the ring.  Alex trails behind Athena still picking her wedgie.

We fade in to Alexandira calling Athena.  She is upset about her loss and is convinced that the leggings saved Athena from receiving a full wedgie.  Alex challenges Athena to a bra & panties rematch to which Athena gladly accepts.

Back to the MMW Ring!  The ladies make their entrances.  Athena is a lovely blue bra and panty set and Alexandria donning the red bra and panty set.  They have another intense staredown before locking up.  The bell dings and the ladies begin wedgieing each other.  Athena drops her arms and submits to Alex.  3 more times, Athena submits to Alex, putting the score to 4-0, Alex, and making this a match-point round!  Alex is convinced and verbalizes that she believes Athena is up to something.  The two women meet center ring and lock on to one another’s panties, the bell dings and they go at each other again!  This time Athena is not giving up so easy as she destroys Alex in under a minute, making it clear that she merely gave Alex the first 4 rounds as a way to further mock her.  The rest of the contest see’s Alex, once again, falling to her arch enemy in humiliating fashion.  Excruciating bearhug wedgies, atomic wedgies, atomic drops, wedgie locks, front wedgies and more!  So much humiliating wedgie action and so much cotton wedged up Alexandria’s sexy, phat jobber ass as Athena utterly humiliates the thicc brunette milf over-&-over again!  Athena parades Alex around the ring by the atomic wedgie.  Athena binds Alex to the ropes with an atomic wedgie.  Athena continually lifts Alex by the wedgie and drops her, purposely to make her ass jiggle as yet another form of humiliating the gorgeous PAWG!  Too much action for a description to do justice.  Download this first installment of the ever growing “Wedgie Queen” series NOW and get ready to see more of favorite models battle in the center of the MMW ring to be crowned the day’s Wedgie Queen!




Length: 31:18

Size: 3.25