“Handled!” 10






It’s a bikini girl beatdown as California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury answers the challenge of undefeated, Tanya and is thoroughly laid to waste in this pro-style, lop-sided, MMW squash match!  Straight from the lockup Tanya takes immediate control and establishes total dominance with a series of neck wrenching guillotine’s followed up with stiff forearms that send Platinum plummeting to the MMW canvas.  The night has only begun.  Vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, bearhugs, low blows, camel clutch, surfboard, pedigree, clothesline, belly punches, steiner reliner, skull crusher,c test of strength, snap mares, matchbook pin, schoolgirl pin, back breaker hairpull, bow and arrow, back breaker, low blows, corner work, rope work, scissorholds, and more!  Platinum has no answer for Tanya’s onslaught of punishment.  A final sleeperhold puts Platinum on her back in perfect place for the leghook pin and victory pose!  Match, and still undefeated, Tanya!




Length: 12:14

Size: 1 GB