“Two Non-Blondes!”






Sugar and Alexandria Challenge Jolene Hexx and Lizzy Hamilton in an instant-classic clash of pro wrestling action and mayhem!  The poor blonde jobbers picked such the wrong fight as Alex and Sugar pummel the two blondes from pillar to ring-post!  Straight from the lockup Sugar takes control, sending a crippling right cross to Lizzy’s chin, setting the tone for what ends up being a very painful night for all blondes involved!  Vicious hair pulling, camel clutches, bonzai drop, elbow drops from the turnbuckles, back breaker, belly punching, pedigrees and more!  How much punishment can the blonde team take before Alex and Sugar shake the ring with a double finisher for the double leg-hook pin and victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length:  09:39

Size:  1 GB