“Here Lies KK!”






KK Qing walked in to MMW and utterly destroyed Alexandria Hamilton, Tovah Nicks and Platinum Fury, walking away without a scratch on her.  Needless to say, the SoCal girl in pretty much convinced she owns the women of the North.  She gleefully returns tot he mountains assuming another quick easy W, on her resume, unfortunately for her, she is to face the newly returned Athena Law!  Athena fans are well aware that most women that step to Athena, get put down and put away.  The bell rings, the ladies lock-up and this match is on!  Straight from the get-go, Athena takes control, locking her opponent in a crippling standing guillotine, taking full control, the trash-talk start right away before a stiff forearm sends KK plummeting to the MMW canvas, shaking the ring and every booty in it!   Athen is far from done!  Camel clutch, snap mare, scissorholds and rope work – (just to name a few) has KK had enough?  Not even close as Athena continues feeding her punishment!  Pedigree, hot shots, surfboard, low blows, stunners, belly punches, corner work and more!  Athena destroys poor KK, reducing her to “just another jobber” in Athena’s clutches!  A final sleeperhold puts KK out for the 3-count and victory pose!  A cocky Athena exits the ring as KK is left to rise on wobbly legs and stumble out like so many of Athena’s opponents before her!  Match, the one-and only!  Athena Law!




Length:  11:59

Size:  1 GB