“Thong Hits!” 2





It’s time! Megan Jones is back! And having already destroyed Alexandria Hamilton, and pulled off a controversial win over Athena Law, She is looking to get back on track. Having suffered an embarrassing loss at the hands of MMW Mega Heel, Sugar, Megan wants to make a big statement on her quest towards MMW Champion, Jezabel Romo. Who better than Terra Mizu to step up and accept Megan’s open challenge!? Both girls enter the ring in their gorgeous, shiny, thong leotards, going to their repective corners, and having just a few moments to stretch and size one another up before the bell makes this bout official. The bell rings, and this sexy pro battle is underway! Terra, known for her strength, conditioning, and grappling skills, locks up with Megan. Megan send s huge knee in to Terra’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Terra crumbles to the canvas a wide eyed, grunting mess. Megan has Terra down, and in perfect position for a submission or KO victory, making this the fastest win in MMW history. However, Megan is more concerned with humiliating Terra, than attaining any records. Megan spends the duration of the match punishing Terra! Battering and Bruising the gorgeous brunette all over the MMW dojo! Terra is overwhelmed with strikes, punches, and kicks! Face breaking knees, hard, deep belly punches, stunners, headlocks, and more all make there way into the match as Megan completely dominates Terra with ease. The match spills outside the ring where Terra suffers a horrific reverse hair bridge! Writhing in pain at Megan’s mercy, Terra has nowhere to go, until Megan throws her limp body back in to the ring. Megan follows, and the assault continues with corner beat downs, rope work, submissions and chokes. Megan shows no mercy as she pummels Terra with vicious hair pulling, head scissors, back breakers, sitting hangman, and a spine snapping over the knee hair pull back breaker. Megan is far from done! The ring shakes as Terra’s body and face is slammed against it! Side headlock leg scissor, low blows, leg splits, camel clutches, matchbook pin, and bear hugs! How much more can Terra take? Not much, and Megan is aware. A final sleeper hold puts Terra away for the evening. A leg hook pin and a three count seal the deal. Terra, left a perfect limp pile of jobber to use as a footstool, is used as just that, as Megan sets her boot on Terra’s KO’d chest for her Victory pose! Put it in the books, Match, Megan Jones!


Length: 13:05

Size: 1.35 GB