“Harley Hamilton!” 6




Harley Hamilton just can’t get enough of these weak, squealing, pathetic jobbers that keep stepping in to the ring with her.  Today, the unlucky girl is sexy powerhouse, Terra Mizu!  Terra is far from intimidated my Harley’s smash mouth style, relying on her strength, and grappling skills, she makes her way through the ropes and goes to her corner.  The girls have just a few few moments to size one another up before the bell rings, and this match is underway!  The two combatant lock up center ring, a huge knee send Terra plummeting to the canvas, she barely has a moment to comprehend her position before Harley rips her to her feet by her long, dark hair, and proceeds to lay down a thick layer of ass beating on poor Terra Mizu!  It’s an old school squash as Harley uses strikes, chokes, and submissions to punish Terra, and teach her a hard lesson in old school, grind house wrestling.  Harley batters Terra with Punches, kicks, knees, elbows, huge face slams, vicious hair pulling, slams, back breakers, low blows, camel clutches, eye rakes, eye gouges, head scissors, sleeper holds, and more!  A final KO seals the deal.  Harley places her boot on top of a KO’d Terra, striking a victory pose above Terra’s limp body.  Match, again, Harley Hamilton!
Length: 08:42
Size: 919 MB