POV Wrestling: “Prime Time Beatdown!”


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Warning!  Some SERIOUS abuse happening here!  What a mixed squash match!  Alex is dresses in her pro gear and ready to lock up with you!  However, the beautiful jobber has no idea the beating she is about to be force fed!  Watch as Alex is struck, choked, slammed, bent, twisted, and KO’d.  Feel her thick hair in your hands as you rip her up over and over for more punishment!  Face buster, leg locks, low blows, belly punches, back breakers, surfboards, corner beat downs, head stomps, rope chokes, and beat downs, crippling hammer fists, two handed chokes, matchbook holds, and more!  Why would Alex ever step into a ring with you!  The assault continues with humiliating spanks, wedgies, pedigrees, arm bars, and much, much more!  Its a mixed beat down lovers dream!  Alex is KO’d, you pull her legs over her head and leave her laid out, in matchbook position.  Match, You!
Length: 10:06
Size: 1.03 GB