“The Quest!” USA Vs. Canada




It’s Nation Vs. Nation, as Awesome Laney Dawson makes her MMW debut!  Laney is ready to to let America’s BEST Jobber know that she is Canada’s meanest heel!  Alex has been beaten and rag dolled around the MMW ring countless amounts of times, but today, she is representing the USA, and has only one thing on her mind, victory!
The women combatants enter and disrobe, revealing their patriotic gear, each wearing gear bearing the flag of the Nation they represent, their attire hugging each curve of their body, each woman boasting a lovely bottom in their own right.  But as lovely as their booty’s look, we came to watch this blonde, and brunette fight!  After a long intense stare down, the two woman lock up in the center of the ring, and this wrestling match has officially begun!  The two struggle in the lock up, and eventually break, they circle each other, sizing one another up and exchanging catty insults.  Alex wastes no time, and challenges Laney to a bare knuckle fight.  Laney doesn’t bat an eye lash before she accepts Alexandria’s invitation.  POW! Alex sends a huge right cross, square across Laney’s jaw!  Laney’s head snaps and blonde hair is flying.  Not a moment passes before Laney answers right back, crushing Alex’s jaw with a heavy handed strike, Alex dark amazon hair fly;s as her head snaps back and the two exchange blows!  Back and forth they punch each other in the face, until Alex takes control, backing Laney to the corner and continuing her onslaught of strikes! This is a CLASSIC back and forth, with each lady imposing their will, as well as taking major punishment!  Back bending holds, gobs of blonde and brunette hair being pulled, belly being tortured, faces being punched, necks and back being bent!  Body’s being slammed, and insults being hurled, as each lady wants to go home with the W!  Camel clutches! Arm wrenches, head scissors, sleeper holds, rope work, corner work, strikes, and surfboards.  It’s a flat out brawl!  Finally one woman takes the upper hand, and one can no longer fight.  A pin is made, and the superior woman’s hand is raised, as she uses the body of loser as a footstool, for her well deserved victory pose!  But who’s anthem will be played?
Length: 12:25
Size: 1.29 GB