“Tag Team Dreams!”




A sexy back and forth, turned squash match when Athena Law, w/ Sugar, Absolutely humiliates and destroys the team of Alexandria Hamilton, and, Claire Voyant!  It’s time to brawl!  Bare knuckles are flying!  Hair is flying and being pulled! Backs are being bent, leotards are being wedged, faces are getting smacked, body’s are getting slammed, asses are being slapped, necks are being twisted,  bottom’s are pointing up, guts are being punished, broncos are being busted, choke slams, clotheslines, camel clutch, sleeper holds, corner work, 2 vs 1, stunners, face busters, snap mares, low blows, hair pulling, face slamming, arm wrenching.  These ladies go for broke as they fight back and forth until one; team is a clear winner, and the losers lie pulverized under their foes wrestling boot!  Let’s Wrestle!


Length: 13:28

Size: 1.40 GB