“Catfighting Milf’s!”


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My goodness, the only thing better than two milfs in a wrestling ring, rolling around slapping each other, pulling each others hair.  Is when they are fighting in their panties. As Alex gets a quick cheap shot early in this fantasy catfight, forcing Athena to fight the remainder in nothing but her underwear, however perhaps that is how a catfight should be? In true gladiator fashion.  These two don’t hold back as it seems they are trying to scalp each other.  Ripping, tearing, yanking, and pulling, handfuls, mounds, gobs of hair!  Until one girl proves to simply be weaker, succumbing to the agonizing pain,, and submitting to the better woman, but which milf will rein supreme!?


Length: 13:33

Size: 1.41 GB