Poor Dolly, she thought she had it, but Alex was just too strong!  The ladies enter the ring and lock-up.  Dolly takes and early advantage and locks Alex in a rear naked choke hold.  You would thinks she had this in the bag, but Alex is playing possum and leaps to her feet!  What happens next is the complete beating of Dolly Prescott!  Vicious hair pulling, low blows, guillotine, full nelson, scissorholds, schoolgirl pin, armbars, knees, camel clutch, crossface, low blows, leglocks, stunner, elbow drops, Hamer fists, surfboard, corner work, grapevine pin, rope work and more!  Over and over, Dolly is ripped to her feet by wods of her sexy hair to be fed more punishment!  boston crab, body scissors, my goodness what could make this beating any more humiliating?  Alex leaps from the ropes and drops Dolly, then, strips her combatant of her leotard, exposing and leaving the sexy red head in her bra and panties.  Dolly is out, Alex makes the final gesture of supreme humiliating and tags Dolly’s ass with her name, ALEX, from cheek to cheek!  Time to put her away, Alex hooks the leg and gets the 3-count, exiting and leaving Dolly center ring, reduced to a mere bra and panty jobber!  Match, Alex.




Length:  12:51

Size:  1 GB