BEST OF: “Headscissors!” Volume. 1






Finally!  The MMW, ‘BEST OF’ series has arrived at an all-time classic, and fan-favorite, the Match ending Headscissor!  From the Reverse headscissor to the side headscissor, everything in between and to the figure 4 headscissor, witness an HOUR of NON-STOP headscissors featuring the sexiest ladies in the industry!  Jolene Hexx, Alexandria Hamilton, Megan Jones, Paris Love, Irene Silver, Constance, Ashley Graham, Shelly Martinez, Sushii, Faith Shalynn, Terra Mizu, & Fiesty Feminista, not to mention all the sexy local MMW gals including Lizzy Hamilton, Sugar, Athena Law, Harper Rose, Tova, Platinum Fury, the Zodiac Queen and more!  The greatest Scissorhold compilation is here! Can you sit through the entire thing without rewinding?  Download and give it a try!




Length:  57:34

Size:  5.91 GB