“Pantyhose Wrestlers!” 11


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The MMW series, “Pantyhose Wrestlers”, returns for its 11th installment!  This time, Athena Law and Dolly Prescott slap on their bra and panties and don the pantyhose to see which lady has the raw ability to defeat her opponent!  The pro-style rules are off and these ladies lunge straight for the hair, falling to the ground and grappling to see who the stronger woman is!  So much hair pulling, schoolgirl pins, scissorholds, matchbook pins, bitch slaps and more!  We have a serious chick fight on our hands but only one of these mean MILFs can be the day’s winner!  Which lady will place her nylon clad foot atop her opponent after a KO scissorhold, for the final victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length:  09:15

Size:  970 MB