“NorCal Champions!”






This is some seriously wild women’s wrestling as Fiesty Feminista and Kristie Etzold, meet in Northern California to take on industry Tag Team Champions, Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law!  For the first time, Alex and Athena, even though the reigning champs, are considered the underdogs.  This appears to be the case as the two sexy MILF’s are pulled in to the ring and viciously stomped down!  Alex is kicked out of the ring while Kristie and Fiesty proceed to feed Athena a nasty, painful barefoot boot party!  Alex makes it into the ring and smashes the opposing team with the championship belt!  The ladies are stunned, and Alex and Athena take advantage and go on to return the favor!  Punishing Kristie and Fiesty with dirty tactics, bronco busters, hair pulling, bearhugs, stomps, elbows, leaps from the turnbuckles and more!  It gets wild, but will the home-town girls be able to pull it off?  Download to find out!




Length:   07:37

Size:  788 MB