“A Pound of Sugar!”






Las Vegas phenom and cage fighter, Jolene Hexx is not impressed with Northern California’s BBW bruiser, Sugar!  Sugar is making waves in the industry, destroying her opponents with ease!  After hearing spectators say that Sugar would destroy her in the ring, Jolene takes it personal and challenges the sexy BBW on her own turf!  Jolene makes the trip to NorCal and after arguing over who has the cuter dimples, Jolene proceeds to embarrass Sugar, destroying the BBW phenom with only he knees, crushing everything between the California girl’s legs with no mercy!  Hair pulling and trash talk, Jolene makes sure to let Sugar know that her might and strength are nothing!  It’s a true showcase of skill destroying strength as Jolene finishes Sugar center ring, proving that she is the true force to be feared!




Length:  05:41

Size:  581 MB