Dangermilf has captured hostages and only SuperBJ can resuce them!  SuperBJ storms the ring demanding Dangermilf give up the location of the hostages but Dangermilf locks our Hero in a crushing bearhug, demanding BJ give up the source of her power!  BJ holds on as long as she can but finally admits that it is her sexy Hanes panties that are the key to her power.  Dangermilf spends the duration of the encounter destroying poor SuperBJ with wedgies, belly punches, pro moves, and multiple leghook pins, paying close attention to our fallen Hero’s powerfull, full back, white cotton panties!  Dangermilf clutches BJ’s panties over and over, giving her front and back wedgie after wedgie!  SuperBJ is dragged around the ring by her panties as she is fed more punishment after more punishment.  SuperBJ slowly becomes weaker and weaker, continually verbalizing how Dangermilf is destroying her and how weak she is and how Dangermilf is destroying her panties.  A final horrific, villainous bitch slap sends SuperBJ to the canvas for the final time and final leghook pin.  Dangermilf is not done humiliating the once mighty Superhero yet.  SuperBJ is then stripped of her super panties as Dangermilf parades her new trophy arond the ring!  Will our Superhero ever recover from such a beating?  Is this the last we’ve seen of the sadistic Dangermilf?  Don’t miss the beginning of this instant classic rivalry!




Length: 12 Minutes

Size: 1.23 GB